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How To Unlock your 3G Huawei Internet Modem (MTN, ETISALAT, GLO and AIRTEL)

Today, I will be sharing with you on how can unlock your 3G Huawei internet modem.

Normally when you buy a new 3G internet modem from a service provider the modem will be locked to the network in order not to support or work on any other network. If you insert another network Sim card on it you would be asked to provide your unlock code all because it has been locked by the service provider. The unlock code allows you to bypass the modem in order to be able make use of another network Sim card on it.

How to get started
=> Firstly, you need to generate the unlock code.

And how do I generate the unlock code?
=> You can generate the unlock using a software called Master Unlocker.

=> The Master Unlocker is just like a calculator, it calculates your modem serial number and then generate an UNLOCK code which you can input on an Huawei modem to bypass.

  • Download Master Unlocker HERE
  • The Master Unlocker comes in a Zip format
  • Unzip the folder and then extract or double click the application named “Universal Mastercode
  • Immediately you extract or double click the “Universal Mastercode”, it run itself just like your pc calculator
  • Bring out your Huawei modem, at the back of the modem there is a IMEI number
  • Locate the IMEI number
  • On your Universal MasterCode application, erase the IMEI existing on the application and type in the IMEI number you found at the back of your modem

  • And then click on “Calculate
  • Immediately a result displays, copy the Unlock code in “UNLOCK” field to your notepad or write it some where
  • Remove the Sim card on your 3G Huawei internet modem and replace it with another network provider Sim card
  • That’s is, if your modem is MTN fastlink, remove the MTN sim card and insert Airtel, Glo or Etisalat
  • Plug the modem to your PC
  • A message displays asking for your unlock code
  • Paste the code generated from you “Universal Mastercode” ( UNLOCK CODE)to the unlock code field and click on OK

You have successfully unlocked your modem!

How do I configure my modem settings to make it work with all networks?
=> Go to your modem platform, select Tools and then Options. Click on Profile Management and then New.

=> Set the settings below for your preferred network

Profile Name: Glo Web
Tick on Static
APN: Gloflat
Leave others unchanged

Profile Name: MTN
Tick on Static
Leave others unchanged
Profile Name: AIRTEL
Tick on Static
Leave others unchanged

Profile Name: ETISALAT
Tick on Static
APN: Etisalat
Leave others unchanged

That’s all…

If you find it difficult unlocking your Huawei modem, feel free to drop your modem IMEI number and the model using the comment box and I'll generate your unlock code for you freely.

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  1. By using master unlocker, you can unlock your 3G Huawei Internet modem.

  2. If you go for searching a software to unlock your modem then you can get lots of easily available software's but they can result in wrecking of your modem, So always believe in trusted sources.

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  4. Please i would like u to Help me unlock dis Airtel 3g modem
    model: E153u-1
    Imei:352375049203029.Tanx as u help,wud b waitn 4 d Unlock nd flash codes.

  5. pls help me crack dis
    its am etisalt zte modem

  6. Mine Is Glo Does It Work For Glo Also???

    1. It works for all HUAWEI Modem (all networks)

  7. The code generated is not working on my mtn modem
    IMEI number is 867648010634747
    Model is 303s-1

  8. I like to be a member of this viticm.

  9. Hello Bro i have a modem MTN E156G that does not prompt me for unlock code even when i change sim cards. pls what can i do ti initiate the prompting?

  10. Hello bro. You are doing a very good job. However I'll like to know if this info is still valid cos you posted it a long time ago. I want to know if this technique is still valid for unlocking my etisalat E303 modem. Thanx a millie

    1. The tutorial still valid till today. But for your Etisalat E303, use this tutorial --->

      Reason is that the tutorial up there can unlock all Huawei internet modem except E303 and because this, I have written another post on How all Hauwei modem call be unlocked including E303. Check my recent post OR visit this link -->

      Thank you!

  11. Tnks Bro. Tnks 4 the download link. Appreciate mehn. God bless the hustle.
    U 2 Much.

  12. I like what you have been doing on this site for us, I really do. please I'm having a problem unlocking my MTN Modem and I don't know what to do. I will need your help on this. Thanks in advance
    IMEI Mumber: 868988010813647

  13. I like what you have been doing on your site for us, I really do. please I'm having a problem unlocking my Airtel Modem and I don't know what to do. I had followed your recommendation but didn't work. I will need your help on this. Thanks in advance
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    Huawei E5172
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  15. Vodafone modem IMEI: 867637002334556 MODEL:K4201

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